4 JAN 17Regular Drill
18 JAN 17Regular Drill
1 FEB 17 Regular Drill
1 MAR 17Regular Drill
15 MAR 17Regular Drill
29 MAR 17 Possible Extra Drill
5 APR 17Regular Drill
19 APR 17Regular Drill
3 MAY 17Regular Drill
17 MAY 17Regular Drill
31 MAY 17Possible Extra Drill
7 JUN 17Regular Drill
21 JUN 17 Regular Drill (Tentative Summer Leave)

03 JUL 17RTC NE Check-In
15 JUL 17RTC NE Graduation

23 AUG 17Regular Drill
6 SEP 17Regular Drill
20 SEP 17Regular Drill
4 OCT 17Regular Drill
18 OCT 17Regular Drill
1 NOV 17Regular Drill
15 NOV 17Regular Drill
29 NOV 17Possible Extra Drill
6 DEC 17Regular Drill
20 DEC 17Regular Drill


Due to the heightened level of security conditions at all military facilities, all cadets must have their I.D. cards with them to gain access to the reserve center.  Parents, be aware that your vehicles are subject to search when entering or departing the center. 


The uniform for PT is PLAIN dark blue shorts or sweat pants (no logos on them).  Navy PT or plain white t-shirt, white socks and sneakers.  Shower gear (soap, shampoo, towel and shower shoes) is MANDATORY for all drills.  IF YOU CANNOT PERFORM PT, YOU MUST BRING A NOTE FROM YOUR PARENTS OR A DOCTOR.


All cadets shall comply with the Navy's grooming standards.  See any officer or senior cadet if you have questions.  For males, hairstyle properly groomed no greater than 2 inches in bulk.  Bulk is defined as the distance that the hair protrudes from the scalp.  No individual hair should measure more than 4 inches in length.  Hair must be tapered around the ears and in the back.  NO BLOCK OR BOWL CUTS!  For females, the hair shall not fall below the lower edge of the back of the collar.  When wearing jumper style uniforms, hair can extend a maximum of 1 1/2 inches below the top of the collar.  Females will not wear ponytails.


Need to find out where the Sea Cadet Flashes go on your uniform?  Need to know if you qualify for a ribbon or what order they go in?  Information on these items and many others are available at the Sea Cadets Homeport site.  Just log on to http://homeport.seacadets.org/dashboard.action and enhance your knowledge of the Sea Cadet program. Also check out the unit's members only website at www.cl-144.org for any unit orientated info that you might need.


Enrollment fee is $15.00 for Officers and Midshipmen ($8.50 if on active duty), and $175.00 for signing up and $100.00 annually for Sea Cadets and League Cadets.  Enrollment fees should be paid the month prior to expiring.  All checks should be made payable to: U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, and be turned into LT Laplante.


Did you recruit a friend or classmate who has signed up for the Sea Cadets?  If you have you are eligible for the NSCC/NLCC Recruiting Incentive Ribbon.  See LT Laplante for details. Also if you have friends of classmates that are interested in the unit have them look at the units recruiting website at www.worcesterdivision.org


Cadets who accumulate 40 hours of documented community service are eligible for the Community Service Ribbon.  A letter from the organization served stating what you accomplished and the amount of time you spent is all that is needed.


Every Sea Cadet should be in the process of completing a Navy Correspondence Course. See LT Koopman ASAP if you are not currently working on a course!